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Stand for Vegenat at the SENPE congress in Madrid. Reusable stand design, made by Tensegrity. Design of unique and personalized elements, such as the counter. This counter is designed for various uses of space. Here you can see an average size. But it can be reduced or extended modularly speaking.There has been a sustainable air incorporating high realism plant elements, with a vertical garden and hanging plants. In addition, the warmth of wood is present throughout the design. This gives the brand a different identity within the congress, where the predominant color is white.

It is a small stand, a few square meters, but it contains the necessary elements for its optimal operation. The most important thing for us is to meet the objectives set by the client. This stand for Vegenat at the SENPE congress was a success at the congress.

We always try to create cozy spaces, and the size of the space does not matter. In addition, this stand, even without being a modular stand, has reusable elements that can be adapted to different surfaces. Thus we achieve a sustainable and adaptable design, careful with the environment, which is one of our fundamental premises.

Thanks to Vegenat for trusting Tensegrity once again!