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Stand design in Zaragoza at the Smagua international fair, for Kamstrup. Small reusable design stand created by TensegrityStands.

It’s time to discover the full potential of real information. Real information beyond what a conventional accountant can provide.

SMAGUA, is the great technological showcase in the water industry and the environment, at an international level.
The prestige of SMAGUA, which has become one of the most important fairs in Europe, brings together professionals from all over the world who find a wide showcase with the latest equipment and technologies applied to the water cycle. The event, with more than 45 years of existence, has become the essential meeting point for the sector thanks to its markedly innovative nature, the quality of its technical conferences and the numerous launches of products, equipment and technological solutions.

Kamstrup is a leading manufacturer of smart metering solutions for power and water supply systems.

Driven by our desire for leadership, experience and interest in collaborations, we are committed to a bright energy future, one that provides the best performance for customers and lasting value for the communities they serve.

Some things about this Stand design in Zaragoza

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