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Stand design in Barcelona for PIERRE FABRE at Infarma congress

Design of creative stands in Barcelona so that you can meet your objectives by differentiating yourself and highlighting your brand with the best quality.

Creation of a reusable design stand for PIERRE FABRE at the INFARMA international fair (Barcelona). Reusable XL stands design.

To begin with, we design based on a previous conceptualization of your brand, taking into account your target audience. Taking care of every detail so that your design stand stands out and is an extension of your corporate identity.

In fact, we carry out the Manufacture of Stands in Barcelona, ​​Assembly of Stands in Barcelona and Construction of Stands in Barcelona.

Our StandsXL are the sample of a great quality in Stand Design, without forgetting other small Design Stands.

Finally, we take into account all your marketing elements and use them as a fundamental starting point.

In addition, we contribute all the creativity of our team of qualified designers.

We design the spaces based on the latest design trends. Likewise, we always incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies in each project we carry out.

Stands always sustainable

In our design stands we always have high quality materials, without forgetting that they are sustainable stands. Because we also think about the reuse of the stand for all the congresses you need.

We create Fair Advertising Stands, Congress Advertising Stands and Advertising Stands for Events.

Manufacture of international stands anywhere in the world. Tensegrity Stands is in charge of the assembly of stands for fairs, assembly of events and construction of stands.

Being one of the strongest Stand Companies in Madrid, a great Stand design company in Barcelona. Our company is highly qualified in the Manufacture of Stands in Barcelona, ​​and also as a Manufacture of International Stands. In addition to manufacturing, we have a large team dedicated to assembly at congresses and fairs.

2017 edition of the European Pharmacy Meeting that integrates the European Pharmacy Office Congress and the Medicines and Parapharmacy Exhibition, Infarma, will be remembered for the boost to healthcare pharmacy that will be given from the Congress.

The meaning of Infarma is to be of value to the profession, to provide value that has a direct impact on the patient. Above all, special weight has been given to professional services as a tool to achieve professional goals.

The Pierre Fabre group, established in 43 countries

Opening up to the international arena has always been at the heart of our strategy.

The Pierre Fabre group is majority controlled by the Pierre Fabre Foundation. This had already donated the majority of the company’s shares to the Foundation in 2008. He would complete said donation upon his death in 2013, designating it as universal heir.

Since then, the Foundation owns 86% of the capital of Pierre Fabre SA through the holding company Pierre Fabre Participations.

The rest belongs to 8.5% by the collaborators and 5.5% in self-control.