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Stand design for Labclin (Clinical Laboratories) in Malaga for Menarini Diagnostics.

Design, construction and assembly by Tensegrity Stands.

Booth Design for Labclin

This design stand for Menarini Diagnostics is a sample of our work.

Another example of our designs is for ABBOTT, in another edition of this congress.

Some history About the Laboratory

Menarini Diagnostics is a company that manufactures diagnostic equipment.

Menarini serves two main industries in the medical field:

Clinical laboratories, producing assays that test for a variety of diseases.
Immunohematology, guaranteeing compatibility to blood recipients.

Ortho produces in vitro diagnostic kits and associated assays and reagents. In fact, it serves the clinical laboratory sectors of the medical field.
Likewise, it sells its products in more than 125 countries and successfully points to the future.

Finally, Menarini becomes the first company to receive FDA approval for testing.

Johnson and Johnson acquired the Clinical Diagnostics Division in 1994. It later merged with Ortho Diagnostic Systems in 1997.

Ortho’s global offices are in New Jersey. And its global research and development center is located in New York.

Labclin congress brings together medical professionals

The patient, as the main priority, is the protagonist of this meeting. It is organized by the Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine. It also collaborates with the Spanish Association of Medical Biopathology. And since it cannot be missing, also with the Spanish Association of the Clinical Laboratory.

The scientific program includes the latest news, trends and cutting-edge research. In this way, the Congress has been consolidated as a national benchmark for the sector.

Among other topics, the congress discusses cardiovascular biomarkers or the use of tumor DNA. Among them, microbiology or analytical systems management at Point of Care. Likewise, the program includes training on ISO 15189 accreditation. In addition to a conference on the preparation of clinical cases for publication.

On the other hand, Labclin 2017 emphasizes “key issues” of laboratory medicine. For example, the evolution of practice and the application of new technologies. Always keeping in mind that the patient is the center of these efforts.

We will wait for you!