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Stand design and assembly for AEV congress

This stand design and assembly for our client GSK, has a set of activities with Virtual Reality.

How do we make your stand a success at a fair or congress?

In the first place, we start from the main premises that each client brings us. Then, our team of designers shape the space with 3D designs. Meanwhile, you prepare the graphic material for us.

In the development of each space, fundamental factors such as corporate identity and your brand image are taken into account. This is essential to extend your 2D image to 3D spaces. In this way, your identity is present in every space, every corner, every image. Sometimes even a corporeal element, designed to amplify your brand.

But, it is not only your brand, but also that the design of the stand meets the functionality you need, as well as being an important claim.

Stand design · Construction, assembly and manufacturing. Ephemeral architecture for fairs, events and congresses.

We are a stand company in Madrid with the manufacture of international stands. Company Specialist in Stand Design, construction and assembly of stands for international fairs. Here is an example of our XL stand work, unique spaces and sustainable ephemeral architecture.

In addition, we offer you all the management prior to the assembly and disassembly of your event stand anywhere in the world. We think, we manufacture your stand, we build your trade fair stand or international congress stand.

Construction of custom designed stands · Manufacture of reusable stands · Assembly of international stands.

Construction of your sustainable stand with all the elements, or what we also call reusable stands. We have a long experience in the creation of advertising stands for fairs and the manufacture of stands for events.

Much more than stand design, or design stands: Sustainable Stands

In addition to the creation of fair stands, we decorate fair stands, we build, manufacture and assemble your design stand.

We also offer modular design stands, and of course, also modular stands with design. They are reusable modular stands, to reduce costs, and reduce the environmental impact.