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Stand assembly in Córdoba for Nutricia. SEGHNP 2023 Congress. Design, manufacture and assembly of a small stand by Tensegrity Stands.

Nutricia is the Advanced Medical Nutrition division of the Danone Group.

In the first place, its work is focused exclusively on the development of innovative medical nutrition products, which manage to cover the needs of those people who cannot eat a normal diet or this is insufficient or inadequate.

In addition, for more than 50 years busy with diagnosis to help doctors and patients make better decisions at the most important moments.
Diagnosis is, in fact, the first step in knowing the state of a person’s health: that’s why our tests can make a difference.
Its precision and reliability allow the early diagnosis of different diseases to millions of people, who will be able to undertake the appropriate clinical pathway.

Tomorrow begins the congress of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (SEGHNP), in which we will be present with a stand and where tomorrow we will talk about Cerebral Palsy and nutrition.
In it we will have the participation of Dr. Juan José Díaz, Dr. Ruth García Romero, Dr. José Luis Peña Segura and Dr. Mariela Mercedes De Los Santos.

As is well known, Córdoba is a unique, welcoming city steeped in history. Its streets, its typical neighborhoods or the historic center will be an incentive for your attendance.

How was the stand made in Córdoba for Nutricia?

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