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Modular stand design for Bloss at the SERV congress held in Madrid

Custom modulable stand for your congresses

We create modulable stand customized to your brand.
As experts in the world of ephemeral architecture, we have created a new way of offering you a design stand, which is also reusable. It is based on the design of personalized modules and designed to cover all the needs of your brand within a fair or congress.

Our custom-designed modular stands are made up of different elements such as: product display, corporate image, image of each product that you want to highlight, storage space and even a coffee area.

They also have a counter element if you need it.

These modular stands adapt to all the conference spaces you want to attend, always maintaining your same identity. They are designed to be durable and can be assembled several times in a year.

What are the advantages of modular design stands?

One of the main advantages is the speed of assembly, since these custom modular stands have an assembly system that facilitates assembly.

It is also possible to reduce the environmental impact, as they are highly reusable.

Every time they are assembled and disassembled at a fair or congress, we take care of storing them and checking that the quality is perfect for their next use.

You only have to worry about supplying the graphic elements for each congress, and we will take care of reproducing them.

We take maximum care of the quality of the materials, and every detail, so that the result is a success.

What functional elements do you need in your modular design stand?

We make stands completely customized to your needs, and we take care of designing and building all the furniture elements and singular elements.

Among our modulable stand design work, there are brands such as Leti Pharma and Reig Jofre, formerly Bioiberica.

We have the latest construction technologies, processes and materials and we work with the most advanced resources. And we always care about sustainability and caring for the environment.