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International tourism fair stand: FITUR

Georgia participates with an international tourism fair stand in Madrid: Fitur, in its 2016 edition.

FITUR 2016: the best results in its history

Fitur closes its doors after receiving 232,000 visitors, raising the economic impact in Madrid by hundreds of millions of euros.

To this is added the growth experienced in the attendance of the general public during the weekend. Due to these results, IFEMA raises the figure of the economic repercussion that this great event has had in Madrid.

A record of business participation in the international tourism fair

A total of 9,605 companies have participated with an increase of 3.4 percent. Similarly, there is a significant increase in direct business participation. The countries present at the 165 Fair also grow with 16 reincorporations with official participation, among them, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Belize and Guinea, and the new participations of Burkina Faso, which comes for the first time with official representation, in addition from Latvia, which participates with a business group.
A positive balance, in line with the highly favorable evaluation that the professional qualification and the quality of the contacts have deserved. Being a fact stating the growth of 25 percent. The volume of business appointments that have been scheduled and managed at FITUR has also been experienced.
Likewise, the leadership of FITUR for the Ibero-American countries, for those of the African continent, is confirmed. This is confirmed by the participation of countries from Latin America and Africa. The volume grows edition after edition driven by the program organized together with the UNWTO and Casa Africa. INVESTOUR has brought together ministers, participants, investment projects and scheduled appointments in its forums and business sessions.
It has been observed in FITUR 2016 that it has also contributed to the high national and international institutional support received, with the presence of high-ranking representatives and leaders.