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Custom Design Stand for SINBIOTIK at CPHI Frankfurt. International Fair. Stand design, construction and assembly at international fairs.

Design and assembly stands at international fairs to meet your communication goals anywhere in the world.

We help you highlight your brand with the best quality guaranteed.

We design based on a prior conceptualization of your brand, taking into account your target audience. Also we take care of each form in detail so that your design stand stands out and is an extension of your corporate identity.

Sometimes, and when you need it, we also provide special graphic design elements.

We also have the ability to guide you in the use of unique claims elements. These can be sculptures or the incorporation of different activities that provide interactivity with your audience. This also helps you when assessing the success of your stand at a fair. To do this, we have big data technology and apply it whenever you need it.

Our team of designers bring all the creativity you need.

The design of each stand is essential to highlight your brand at an international fair or congress.

We have a long experience in the world of design and construction of stands for international fairs.

Our work goes through a rigorous quality control, achieving the best results.

Our service is comprehensive, with a well-coordinated multidisciplinary team to make everything a success.

We design the spaces based on the latest design trends, and incorporating the latest and most innovative technologies.

Our mission is to help you and accompany you throughout the design and planning process.

We have all the necessary resources for the construction of your international fair or congress stand.

In collaboration with complementary teams and international suppliers that guarantee the best quality in each discipline.

In our design stands we always have high quality materials, without forgetting sustainability. Because we think about its reuse for all the congresses you need.