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Design Stand for FRUIT ATTRACTION for ALGAENERGY. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Ifema (Madrid).

Personalized and creative design stand for you to meet your goals by differentiating yourself and highlighting your brand with the best quality.
We design based on a previous conceptualization of your brand, taking into account your target audience. Taking care of every detail so that your design stand stands out and is an extension of your corporate identity.
We take into account all your marketing elements and use them as a fundamental starting point.
In addition, we contribute all the creativity of our team of designers.
We design the spaces based on the latest design trends, and incorporating the latest and most innovative technologies.
In our design stands we always have high quality materials, without forgetting sustainability. Because we think of its reuse for all the congresses you need.

Like every year around this time, at Tensegrity Stands, we can present this great event: FRUIT ATTRACTION, which took place at the IFEMA fairgrounds (Madrid).

This edition is special since it celebrates the 10th anniversary of Fruit Attraction 2018.

Design Stand for FRUIT ATTRACTION (Madrid)

Our experience in design, construction and assembly of stands endorse us participating one more year in the construction of stands in this exhibition. We build the stands created by our team of stand designers. Starting from scratch according to the needs of the client. Also, we build stands designed by customers, but we take care of their production and assembly.
Likewise, we start with carpentry, electricity, lighting, painting, signage and supply of audiovisual material.
In the same way, we supply the furniture for rent. Finally, the cleaning of the stand to deliver it to the client in perfect conditions before the inauguration.
You can request budgets for this event here and we will provide you with all the necessary information to carry out your project. Here are some examples of stands manufactured by Tensegrity Another example of stand design at Fruit Attraction is GRANADA LA PALMA.

Fruit Attraction 2017: The great success for Alga Energy

Fruit Attraction 2017 has been a great edition, the best so far from the point of view of the exhibitors. The fair was a good reflection of the moment of illusion that is lived in the sector.

Occupying 6 of the IFEMA pavilions, it had 1,500 exhibitors. More than 60,000 professional visitors from more than 110 countries were present.

Certainly, it brought together the entire fruit and vegetable community 365 days a year. This was possible through the Fruit Attraction LIVE Connect platform. This digital platform enhances and complements the face-to-face event with new functionalities.

Foreign visitors highlighted the quality of the IFEMA site. Many European growers consider Fruit Attraction to be an indispensable fair, attending every year. The reasons are its proximity to the airport and the metro network.

Fruit Attraction is essential for the WORLDWIDE marketing of fruit and vegetables. In fact, it promotes world exports of the sector. Thus, they make it the commercial connection point for all professionals in the sector. In addition to having established itself as a framework for innovation in the fruit and vegetable market.

Alga Energy is INNOVATION

AlgaEnergy is dedicated to applied research building on almost 4 decades of basic R&D. Today it can be said that the great triumph of AlgaEnergy is the successful scaling of microalgae cultivation processes. This allows us to produce innovative, competitive, sustainable and highly effective products to put on the market.

It has two microalgae cultivation plants. On the one hand, the Technological Platform for Experimentation with Microalgae, located at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. On the other hand, the Arcos de la Frontera plant (Cádiz). The objective of this is the biofixation of CO2 through microalgal cultivation. In this way, it transforms said greenhouse gas into products of high commercial interest. In addition, it has the UPT Production Center, exclusively dedicated to the extraction of bioactive compounds. Also from the production of a range of agricultural biostimulants AgriAlgae.