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Design and assembly fot fair stand for Matsa by Tensegrity

Design and assembly of a fair stand for Matsa at the MMH (Mining and Minerals Hall) fair, which was held in October at the Seville Conference and Exhibition Center (FIBES), has been another challenge for our team. The construction and assembly were resolved with great success. The most rewarding, customer satisfaction and congratulations.

MATSA is a modern mining company, owner and holder of the exploitation rights of MATSA’s mining operations in Huelva, in the south of Spain. Our commitment to the highest standards of safety, responsibility, and sustainability supports our goal of making a lasting, positive footprint in the communities in which we operate.

Matsa operates the Aguas Teñidas de Magdalena and Sotiel underground mines in the province of Huelva. This was created in 2005 and generates about 4,000 jobs (direct, indirect and induced). In addition, its annual economic impact in the province is around 190 million euros. Even 80% of its workers come from their immediate environment. The company is dedicated to the investigation and exploitation of mineral deposits. Likewise, it carries out its treatment in the processing plant, located in Almonaster la Real.

Latest technologies in the manufacture and assembly

Latest audiovisual technologies were used with a large cylindrical LED screen as an attraction for the stand. The manufacture of the impressive structure of large cubes representing minerals on a large scale stands out, in which audiovisual elements were also installed. The manufacture of these large cubes was carried out using the latest technologies in “numerical cutting”. This system allowed a great precision of construction and assembly, and thus, the assembly was carried out in record time. The same plans used for the numerical cutting of all the wooden pieces, also served to develop all the vinyl pieces with which all the elements would be covered at the fair.

Many thanks to Matsa for trusting in Tensegrity.