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Stand design for medical congress

The stand design for a medical congress made for Angelini, held in Gran Canaria, opted for oblique lines.

In this case, it is a Design Stand for a small space, made by Tensegrity Stands.

Stand design work for medical congress

We show you another of our stand design work for congresses with personalized design. We also adapt your corporate identity in each fair or congress stand, with our graphic design department. What’s more, this department works closely with you to offer you, of course, speed in the process.

In the first place, all our stands are, of course, designed with one main focus: That you achieve your communication objectives. In this way, as a result, you grow and also the confidence in all of us increases.

Why do we do it?

Because your trust is the most important thing for us.

With our effort, and of course, with our professionalism, we can guarantee the success you are looking for. Even with our good relationship, not forgetting the quality of communication.

Here, in addition to large design stands, you can also see small stands, which are even set up in a single day, even a few hours.

How do we make your stand a success at a fair or congress?

In the first place, we start from the main premises that each client brings us. Then, our team of designers shape the space with 3D designs. Meanwhile, you prepare the graphic material for us.

In the development of each space, fundamental factors such as corporate identity and your brand image are taken into account. This is essential to extend your 2D image to 3D spaces. In this way, your identity is present in every space, every corner, every image. Sometimes even a corporeal element, designed to amplify your brand.

But, it is not only your brand, but also that the design of the stand meets the functionality you need, as well as being an important claim.

Do not forget to create expectation of your public within a fair, congress or event. For this reason, we have a wide range of activities based on the latest technologies, such as Virtual reality, which is always well received. Likewise, we provoke direct interest in the visitor at your stand, and also, thanks to social networks, we make this interest finally spread in all possible media. Consequently, you get the desired success.

A Stand designed for you

As a result, we have the ability to create and design your stand with a custom design just for you, when:

  • Maybe you want to make an impact with an innovative design.
  • You want to keep your identity different from the rest, but also that all your spaces are recognizable by characteristics of your unique brand.
  • Perhaps also need to lower production costs.
  • It may be that your participation in some congresses is in a very short space of time, as is often the case.
  • You are interested in sustainability since you are always committed to recycling elements.

We can show you an example of this with some of our clients who are committed to sustainability: Leti Pharm.

That is why we are constantly evolving and we want to continue growing and innovating in our solutions that care for the environment.

Finally, we invite you to discover all our design work in our portfolio! Or very short, as is often the case.
You are interested in sustainability since you are always committed to recycling elements.